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TRANS ARABIA a 100% Saudi-owned company, offers the best of road haulage, container handling, container storage and freight forwarding services.

The headquarters in Jeddah accommodates the administration offices, vehicle workshop and container storage depot. Vehicles are also operated from a base in Riyadh, which caters for the growing levels of internal movements of goods and export cargoes. The haulage fleet with its distinctive livery is one of the best known in the Kingdom and because of the large variety of equipment maintained it is able to offer in addition to container transport. The comprehensive and specialized services demanded by customers.

Trans Arabia today continues to be one of the best-organized transport companies in the Kingdom in terms of service reliability and integrity. The company employs well-trained Saudi's, Filipinos and Pakistani drivers.

With containers playing a vital role in modern day transport, the company's container storage depot, is conveniently located at Al Khumrah, Jeddah, puts the company within easy access to both Jeddah Islamic Seaport and Insdustrial Estate of Jeddah.

Trans Arabia operates three lift trucks to handle its containerized cargoes. 2 caterpillars V900CH with lifting capacity for 42 tons, Caterpillar DP150 with lifting capacity of 7 tons and Samsung SF25D lifting capacity of 2.5 tons to handle small and palletized cargoes.